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Exciting news

Added on by timothy clarke.

Very pleased to announce that I have a show going up in January.  It will feature large format prints from the Puddle Series.  Still picking out which ones will be printed, but they will be printed at 24x36 inches and framed. 

Location is a lovely large coffee shop in Williamsburg called Modca, located on North 3rd between Bedford and Berry.  Show goes up January 1st/2nd and will run for the entire month.  Artist reception will be on January 18th, a Friday between 6 and 9 pm.  All are welcome to attend, refreshments will be available and I will be providing some goodies for gratis.  As Modca is not charging a commission on my sales it would be nice of us to throw a bit of business their way.

Here's a link to the Facebook Event

Look forward to seeing you there.